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Uncover and Resolve Hidden Technical Issues Impacting Your Online Success

Is Your Website's SEO Hiding Technical Weaknesses? 🧐

Every website harbors hidden technical SEO issues, which can significantly affect visibility and performance.

SEOked's Technical SEO Audit meticulously examines your site’s technical aspects, revealing and addressing structural flaws that could be impeding your business's growth. With our audit, you can confidently enhance your site's technical health, leading to noticeable improvements in organic traffic and search rankings.

Your Online Foundation: More Than Just Content and Links

Essential yet often overlooked, Technical SEO is the foundation of your online success.

Our audit goes beyond the basics, offering a detailed analysis and action plan using advanced tools and expertise. We not only pinpoint issues but also provide solutions, from fixing broken links to optimizing website speed and schema.

Technical Mastery for Peak Website Performance

Identify Critical Technical Issues

Spot and rectify technical SEO flaws that are holding back your site. We delve deep to find and fix the root causes affecting your website’s performance.

Improve Site Speed, Performance & Core Web Vitals

Boost your website's performance and user experience by optimizing site speed and enhancing Core Web Vitals.

We ensure your site not only loads quickly but also meets Google's standards for responsiveness and visual stability, crucial for both user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

Refine Site Architecture and Navigation

Streamline your site’s structure for better crawlability and user navigation. A well-organized website is crucial for both search engine indexing and user experience.

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Who could benefits from our Technical SEO?

Busy Business Owners and Managers

Ideal for those who recognize the need for SEO improvements but lack the time or expertise to conduct a thorough audit and implement changes.

Online Revenue-Driven Entities

Perfect for businesses and individuals who rely heavily on online visibility and traffic to drive revenue and want to maximize their digital footprint.

Competitively Challenged Websites

Essential for sites that find themselves consistently outperformed in search rankings by competitors, indicating a need for technical SEO refinement.

Teams Without In-House SEO Experts

A boon for businesses lacking a dedicated technical SEO professional, offering expert guidance and precise solutions for complex SEO challenges.

How it works

Experience a personalized content journey that blends expert SEO strategies with your unique brand voice, transcending typical AI-driven content creation.


Audit Purchase:
Begin by filling out a short questionnaire to share your needs, and provide access to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Search Console (GSC).


Onboarding call
Join a call with the SEOked team to understand our process and set clear expectations.


Audit Results
Receive a detailed report presenting the findings and insights from our thorough audit.


Done for you or Do it yourself
Choose to apply our recommendations yourself or opt for our Fully Managed SEO package, where we implement the action plan and arrange weekly progress follow-ups.

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Bastien Bonnamant

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“I have had the opportunity to work with SEOked on several of my clients for SEO assignments, and he was always quick to implement quickly implemented and well thought-out SEO strategies to meet customer expectations.”

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