Client Triumphs: The Testimonial Wall of SEOked

Immerse yourself in the success narratives of our valued clients. Their stories illuminate the path we’ve journeyed together towards achieving remarkable business outcomes.

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“Marving's SEOspark audit was game-changing for Remote Marketer Jobs. Precise, actionable, and efficient insights that propelled our brand's reach!”

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Max Eccles
Founder of Remote Marketer Jobs
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“Square, efficient and professional! A real pleasure to work with Marving”

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Pascal Dupeyrat
Strategic Advisor

“Having worked alongside Marving in the SEO trenches, I can attest to his deep expertise and innovative approach.”

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Jeremy Comparato
SEO Manager

“Marving Moreton's in-depth expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence are evident in every SEO project we've collaborated on”

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Remi Ceraline
Soft. Architect Consultant

“Having worked alongside Marving in the SEO trenches, I can attest to his deep expertise and innovative approach. He's truly a master of the craft.”

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Bastien Bonnamant
SEO Specialist

“I had the opportunity to work with Marving on several of my client projects for SEO missions, he always very quickly implemented thoughtful SEO strategies that met client expectations. Go there with your eyes closed!”

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Robeen Simeon
Senior Full Stack Developer

“I have had the opportunity to work with SEOked on several of my clients for SEO assignments, and he was always quick to implement quickly implemented and well thought-out SEO strategies to meet customer expectations.”

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Angele Eguienta
Community Manager

“I strongly recommend Marving as he is a very good professional and a great person”

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Arnaud Lebeugle
Cofounder of Kythera

“Invaluable insights from Marving's SEO video audit. Highly recommend!”

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Sabrine Mejri
Product Marketer

“With very good customer contact, Marving is attentive to needs and requests, available and educational. We highly recommend it.”

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Pierre-Yann Lallaizon
Founder of Recto Verso

“I worked with Marving for the integration of my landing page, he is very professional and competent. I recommend !”

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